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Tatiana Campos is a Fashion Designer and social entrepreneur; she developed the first action of the Wordless project in Miami with autistic children. She immersed herself deeply in the study of Autism and in partnership with the Angels Reach Foundation and actress and singer Nicole Apllonio, developed art and fashion workshops with the NGO's children. 

From the original designs made by the children of the institution in fabrics, Tatiana created a handmade dress for actress and singer Nicole Apollonio, nominated as Revelation of the Year of telemundo's "Premios Tu Mundo 2016" in Miami. The actress acted as an autistic teenager in a soap opera and stepped on the Blue Carpet dressed in the original and social design. 

The process was all documented and turned into a beautiful book with the name of the project. The book was published in English Portuguese in early 2018 and all income was reverted to the Foundation.

The author's special look at the publication, the result of her research in the area, offers tools and resources to connect autistic people, their families, health professionals, researchers and educators, as well as celebrating talents and inspiring people. A necessary and exciting reading!

This book is just the beginning of a great partnership between Tatiana and Regra3. Our missions are compatible because we see the people for whom they are - we see beyond the differences. Uniting responsibilities, finding the best in good deeds and making it happen is our job. 
We understood that there was a barrier in communication between the three main pillars of society; and for this social flow to happen we have developed a 'patchwork' connecting the Public, Private and Third Sector sectors. We are already on our fifth anniversary with great pride in our achievements with large client companies, major partners in the Third Sector and performing our role in the public sector as citizens and professionals.  

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