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The project of doing good professionally was already written in the history of each founder of Regra3. Meetings to discuss possible projects have transformed our paths into one and we started doing good together. Regra3 was born in 2015 from this dream and research in the area of Social Responsibility to understand the Brazilian market.  

We understood that there was a barrier in communication between the three main pillars of society; and for this social flow to happen we have developed a 'patchwork' connecting the Public, Private and Third Sector sectors. We are already on our fifth anniversary with great pride in our achievements with large client companies, major partners in the Third Sector and performing our role in the public sector as citizens and professionals.  

Karla Paes

The comings and goings to Colombia, where she went to study the social transformations of the country, were the beginning of Karla's dream, when she began planning projects and social actions.  After 10 years working in the area of event production, the Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur, led the Marketing team of the Deltaexpresso Cafeteria Network for eight years. She consolidated the brand in Recife, always putting into practice its knowledge of Social Marketing aligned with the company's policy. Prior to Regra3, Karla founded the international franchise Impact Hub in Recife in 2013 together with other partners - it was there where she developed and idealized with Andrea her Social Responsibility company, founded in 2015.  


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Andrea Cantarelli

Doing good has always been part of Andrea's dreams, which she accomplished through Physiotherapy for ten years with her patients. She chose Journalism as the second profession regarding the love of writing added to the need she always had to write about role portraits of the world. Passionate about the new choice, she had the opportunity to write to Diario de Pernambuco in the political editorial and experienced the challenge as Communication Manager of the Secretariat for Combating Crack and Other Drugs of the City of Recife, finding other ways to practice her citizenship. The plans to invest in society more directly happened in 2015 when he founded Regra3 with Karla. Today they are together fulfilling the dream of transforming the world into a better place for everyone.

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