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Durval Pereira "Impressões Brasileiras,100 Anos" (Brazilian Impressions 100 years)

Durval Pereira was one of the greatest Impressionists of his time, while there was nothing like 3D, through his spatula, he was able to put us in a dimension that seemed like his work would leave the screen.

His art is appreciated internationally and has works in various collections around the world. In celebration of his Centenary, the Exhibition had been held in 4 cities of Brazil, Ouro Preto, Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With a proposal for the inclusion of technology, the exhibition values ​​the classic art, including the actuality of young people, who breathe technology.


The exhibition, like all projects supported by Regra3, has the social responsibility of taking all public school students to visit the space, inviting them to experience the old through innovative media that put them in contact with cutting-edge technologies.

Our idea is to show gallery owners around the world that we can include this new look through technology, achieving a greater audience formation is based on mixing future and past technology and creativity to stay ahead of their time. The exhibition screens are part of the private collection of Hebron Oliveira, president of the Origami Institute.

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